Lindsay Lohan still has ninety days in a locked rehabilitation facility hanging over her head, but until this morning, her fate could have been far worse. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has spent the past few months trying to decide whether or not to charge the starlet for her allegedly hitting a fortune teller in the face during a nightclub altercation. Well, the decision is finally in, and the answer is no.

According to TMZ, the majority of the witnesses who were around when the supposed altercation happened refused to cooperate with police officers. On her way out, the victim also tripped and fell, bruising herself and muddling what injuries were caused by that and what injuries were caused by the punch Lohan allegedly threw.

Usually, there’s no point in defending Lohan’s behavior. She’s been out of control more often than not for the last decade, but there’s still something about this story that’s always seemed a bit fishy. Being a celebrity might offer one incredible perks, but it also offers plenty of downsides—like strangers who see a possible payday. There’s no way for us to know whether Lindsay actually hit this woman or they simply argued, but either way, it doesn’t sound like there was any real damage at all. Considering they were at a nightclub at some ungodly hour, no harm, no foul probably is the best way to move forward anyway.

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