Lindsay Lohan was assaulted in her hotel room this morning. Or maybe she was the aggressor in an unnecessary confrontation over some stupid pictures. Like pretty much everything the actress does or says, her version of events is the subject of rampant rumors, theories and debates, and at this point, not even the authorities know what really happened.

At around 4:30 this morning, the NYPD was summoned to the W Hotel after Lohan pulled the fire alarm. She told authorities she met twenty-five-year-old Christian LaBella at a nightclub earlier in the evening and invited him back to her room. They reportedly hung out for awhile, but after she discovered he’d taken pictures on his cell phone, she reportedly tried to delete them and got thrown down and choked for her trouble. Based on what was said, police arrested the former congressional staffer and took him to the station. After hearing his side of the story and seeing Lohan didn't have any injuries, however, officers made the decision to drop the assault charges and void LaBella’s arrest, leaving only a misdemeanor harassment allegation outstanding.

Before leaving the station, LaBella slapped the actress with a harassment charge of her own, and more than likely, neither will feel any repercussions over what happened. To Lohan’s attorney, who told The New York Daily News the lack of formal charges was “outrageous”, that’s probably unfair, but given the great confusion over what actually happened, this may have been the police’s only option.

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