Like gallons of milk, plea deals typically have expiration dates, and all the ones prosecutors have offered Lindsay Lohan are now expired. Therefore, barring some kind of miracle or unexpected backtrack, the starlet will square off with the Santa Monica District Attorney’s Office in court on Monday in a case that could well trigger a probation violation and send her to jail for months.

At first, prosecutors wanted Lohan to accept an extended stay in rehab, but she wanted no part of that. So, they instead offered her house arrest. She didn’t want any part of that either. In fact, according to TMZ, the only punishment she was excited about taking was none at all, and since the whole point of a plea agreement is to lessen, not remove, the penalty in exchange for an admission of guilt, there was no way in hell an agreement was going to be reached.

On Monday, the trial will officially begin. In addition to everyone involved in this case, prosecutors from Los Angeles will also be watching closely because they will likely officially violate her probation if a guilty verdict is awarded. Considering Lindsay’s ex-assistant will testify, the actress will be starting from behind the eight ball, but as OJ Simpson taught us, you never know the outcome of a trial until it’s actually decided.

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