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Lindsay Lohan is reportedly in full-on financial meltdown mode. After having her bank accounts seized by the IRS, the actress is reportedly struggling to even pay the monthly rent on her home in Beverly Hills. Without a good way to rectify the problem, she apparently approached her landlord asking if she could break the lease early. Unfortunately, that didn’t do a whole lot of good. Because of the large penalty for vacating early, she’s stuck until February.

According to TMZ, rent on the property is eight thousand dollars a month, and Lohan has been asking those closest to her for help in covering the tab. Given the circles she runs in, it’s not surprising she was apparently able to get some help in the short-term, but without some kind of job in the near future, it’s unclear whether she’ll be able to make it all the way to February without any late or non-payments.

As for where Lindsay’s money went this year, no one really seems to know exactly. Various outlets estimated she would bank as much as two million dollars during 2012. That should have been enough to get her out of the tax hole with Uncle Sam and pay for a rental far nicer than eight thousand dollars a month, but obviously, something happened that prevented those dollars from winding up in her bank account.

It’s unlikely Lindsay will speak publically about all of her legal problems, but if she does, we’ll make sure and let you know what she has to say.

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