Michael Lohan’s recent attempt to get his daughter Lindsay into rehab was an abysmal failure. The father never even saw his daughter, and at some point, he actually had the police called on him. If dad is to be believed, the lack of success traces back to Lindsay’s unwillingness to admit she has a problem. If the actress herself is to be believed, however, there is no problem to admit to.

According to TMZ, Lindsay is telling her closet friends that she’s not drinking or doing drugs at the moment, and her father staged the intervention simply to show her he still cares after the whole leaked phone call mess. That seems like a strange route to rebuilding a healthy relationship, but then again, Lindsay and her family members aren’t exactly straight down the middle kind of people.

As for whether Lindsay actually has a problem, there’s conflicting evidence. After months of almost exclusively positive stories, she’s had a series of crazy public incidents recently. She got into a skirmish with a congressional aide and pulled a fire alarm. She got into a vicious fight with her mother, allegedly over an unpaid loan, and she was even accused of hitting some dude with her car. Some of these incidents probably weren’t her fault, but altogether they look poorly. On the other hand, Lohan is actually filming new projects and seems to be making real forward progress in her career. You wouldn’t think she would have turned things around professionally if there was a serious drug or drinking problem.

For now, Lohan doesn’t seem anywhere close to rehab. Whether or not that’s a good thing is unclear.

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