Earlier this week, Lindsay Lohan submitted a doctor’s note to the judge saying she wouldn’t be able to fly back to Los Angeles because of an upper respiratory infection, but after taking the time to consider how that might look, she rapidly switched courses and showed up in time for her first hearing in the lying to police case this morning. During the proceedings, Judge Stephanie Sautner wished Lindsay the best of luck with her health and then discussed the matter at hand: whether or not Lindsay’s new attorney Mark Heller would be allowed to represent her.

According to TMZ, Judge Sautner asked Lindsay if she was still comfortable with the swap, and she responded that he was okay to represent her for today. When pushed, however, she amended her answer and said it’s okay if he represents her for the rest of the case. Rumor has it Heller has agreed to represent Lohan either for free or for a greatly reduced cost, but since he’s based out of New York and her former attorney, Shawn Holley, is one of the most well-respected Los Angeles-based attorneys out there, it’s easy to see why she’s apprehensive.

Lohan might not be known for her solid decision making skills, but showing up in court today was absolutely the right call. Instead of starting behind the eight ball, she illustrated her maturity to the judge and was able to officially get her new lawyer on the case. With that uncertainty out of the way, the two can now focus on keeping her out of jail.

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