Audiences won’t be able to properly judge Lindsay Lohan’s guest spot on Glee until the episode airs on May 15th, but it seems more than a few members of the cast and crew of the hit FOX show have already formed their own judgments about the actress’ personal character. After a wonderful first day of shooting last week in which sources all raved about Lohan’s friendliness and dedication, she supposedly arrived on set three hours late yesterday without her lines memorized and without anything close to a chipper demeanor.

According to E! News several sources on set have made it clear almost everyone considered Lohan’s tardiness extremely disrespectful, and more than a few didn’t appreciate the fact she disappeared for long stretches after she arrived. Dot Marie Jones even tweeted about her frustrations before having second thoughts and deleting the evidence.

According to Lohan’s representative however, this whole thing has been blown entirely out of proportion. He released a statement insisting the call time was an accidentally mix-up, but beyond that, Lohan was professional and very eager to work.

Regardless of whose fault it was or what her attitude might have been like, the Mean Girls star was back on set today to put the finishing touches on her episode. Quality work tends to go a long way toward healing wounds; so, if the episode comes out and audiences rave, one would imagine all would certainly be forgiven.

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