It's been well over a decade since Jewel broke our hearts with "Foolish Games." I honestly thought I didn't have any tears left for the song. And then Kelly Clarkson teamed with the Pieces of You artist for a duet of the 1997 single. The recording is about as fantastic as one might expect, given both the singers' proven vocal abilities.

The recording is set to be featured on Jewel's upcoming Greatest Hits album, which arrives next month. Check it out below and if you're prone to sniffles while listening to particularly emotional songs about heartbreak, grab a tissue before hitting play.

Or here:

You never really can tell just how well two voices will compliment each other until they come together, and for Clarkson and Jewel, that happens pretty perfectly around the third minute of the song, after Clarkson inserts a few lines of her powerful vocals and then Jewel joins in with the melody and Clarkson harmonizes. It's almost overwhelming but not quite. In fact, I think it's the exact right amount of whelm and a great way to re-introduce the song nearly sixteen years after the original. Yes, it's been that long.

Seems like there's more of a country twang the arrangement, especially by comparison to the original arrangement, which is more of a piano and strings ballad. I still love the simplicity of the original arrangement, but Clarkson and Jewel sound really great together.

It doesn't look like the song is available for purchase and download yet, but iTunes has the album up for pre-order and Amazon has the CD available for pre-order for a dollar cheaper. Jewel Greatest Hits arrives February 5.

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