Local News Shows Boob Montage During Report On Women's Day

Cameramen are often turned loose in major cities to take footage of random people on the street. Said clips are then compiled together to show during the background of corresponding reports. For example, when a local affiliate talks about a new study linked to obesity, they’ll show a long stream of fat bellies bouncing around. The same basic idea also applies to reports on breast cancer and stock footage of boobs. Unfortunately, someone who works for Fox Connecticut decided to use some of the boob footage for a more generic report on women, and not surprisingly, the decision has caused quite a stir, with both the general public and the anchor herself.

In the above video, you can tell the female anchor is extremely weirded out when she sees the clips that are airing on the screen. YouTube user Ctblogger felt the same way; so, the footage was quickly uploaded online, and over the past week or so, it has generated more than two million page views from amused Internet users who can’t believe their eyes.

It’s unclear how exactly Fox Connecticut let this happen, but if I had to guess, I would say someone at the station told an intern to grab some stock footage of women. Without thinking, the mystery intern grabbed the footage from a recent breast cancer report, and none of the superiors bothered double checking, which shouldn’t come as a shock considering local news stations aren’t exactly known for their professionalism.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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