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Watch Los Angeles Newscasters Overreact To Cool Weather

It’s been colder than usual in California, lately, and this couldn’t be more apparent in local news telecasts, which describe the weather as everything from “beyond cold” to an “arctic blast.” Last night Jimmy Kimmel Live, which films in Los Angeles, put together a compilation of these newscast segments complaining about the weather, which has been in the mid-fifties of late, with weather cooling off a little more at night.

While it’s mostly female anchors complaining about the chill in the air, I do appreciate the one dude bundled up and reporting in an outside area, wearing a thick winter coat that looks like it would be the appropriate attire for Minneapolis’ negative degrees Fahrenheit weather. I additionally love the female newscaster who tells viewers to cuddle with their pets and turn on the heater. If the fact that a good chunk of households don’t have a heater on doesn’t explain the situation adeptly, I don’t know what would.

I’m a transplant to Los Angeles, and while the weather has been chillier than prior weeks, it’s the type of cold where the average person would be waffling over whether to wear a winter coat or a much more aesthetically appealing blazer when leaving the house at night. It’s all perspective, though. The last few days have been an endless stream of reports similar to the above Kimmel clip, and I don’t expect them to stop until the weather heats up some. If you live outside of Southern California, at least the video is good for a few laughs.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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