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Madagascar Or Ice Age: Which Series Do You Like Better?

Over the last decade, both Madagascar and Ice Age have each released three movies. Every entry has or will gross more than three hundred million dollars at the worldwide box office, and none have ever achieved a score higher than 77% on Rotten Tomatoes. As such, you would think most everyone would blandly enjoy each about equally, but for whatever reason, it seems like most people find one series to be slightly above average and the other to be slightly below average.

Madagascar is a bit sillier and a bit more high energy. It caters to a slightly younger demographic, and it features a bit less word jokes. It’s goofy nonsense, and it doesn’t apologize for that (as I said in my review of the round three. Ice Age is a bit slower and a bit more reliant on wit. It plays fine with younger audiences, but there’s a bit more of an effort to cater jokes to older people. It strives for far more than its competitor but often comes up short. Each Ice Age film has gotten progressively worse reviews (77%, 57%, 45%), while each Madagascar film has gotten progressively better reviews (55%, 64%, 74%).

It’s like a Coke vs Pepsi situation, though considering the films involved, probably more of an RC Cola vs whoever RC Cola’s main competitor is. Personally, I prefer Madagascar’s zany, stupid M.O., but Cinema Blend editor Kelly West is more partial to Dennis Leary’s Smilodon and Ice Age's more sophisticated musings. So, we bring the argument to you. Which film series do you think is the above average one and which one do you think is the below average one? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below….

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