Memphis Man Accused Of Putting A Puppy In The Dishwasher

A maintenance man in Memphis, Tennessee made a grisly discovery this week when he noticed a trash bag inside a dumpster and opened it to find a dead puppy. He immediately alerted police, and after an investigation, authorities were able to piece together a shocking and offensive act of animal cruelty. Apparently, twenty-seven-year-old Marcus Curry decided to stick the poor puppy in the washing machine for his own amusement, and not surprisingly, the little guy died during the cycle.

According to The Province, Curry denied putting the mixed breed inside the washing machine, but police have reportedly found two witnesses, one who says he actually saw the accused put the animal in the dishwasher and a second who claims the accused admitted he left him in there for “too long”. Curry has since been charged with aggravated abuse of animals and is still being held on $40,000 bail.

You can take a look at Curry’s mugshot below…

There’s nothing that gets people riled up quite like child abuse and animal abuse. As a society, we tend to sympathize with those who are least capable of protecting themselves, and whenever someone breaches that trust, we tend to respond with anger. There’s just no excuse for that evil, and because it exists, we all periodically wind up having our nights ruined thanks to heart wrenching commercials like this…

That damn commercial comes on whenever I’m watching Investigation Discovery and invariably, it bums me out more than whatever heinous murder case I’m actually watching. I’d probably be more angry about the level of sadness it wafts over everything, but stories like this dishwasher thing are good reminders that there are actually people out there who are still beating animals and doing horrendous things to them. I mean, for every one person who leaves the dishwasher on for too long, how many more out there are just inflicting little amounts of pain on a daily basis?

One would imagine the fine people in Memphis would deal with this case pretty swiftly; so, in all likelihood, this is the last time we’ll hear about it. That being said, if your dog ever has puppies and you’re trying to figure out who to sell them or give them away to, use a little common sense before making your decision. There’s nothing more important to a dog than the humanity of his or her owner.

Image Credit: Shutterstock/ Linn Currie

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