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Within the Lohan family, allegiances are passed around like hot potatoes. Just days after calling her mother the devil, accusing her of being on cocaine and belligerently screaming at her during a limo ride from hell, Lindsay is now saying the only person who acted inappropriately during the late night altercation the police responded to was father Michael who allegedly leaked the recording online.

After a weeknight of clubbing with mom Dina that reportedly lasted until 4 AM, Lindsay phoned her father, alleging the family matriarch was refusing to return a forty thousand dollar loan, was forcing her limo driver to go to Long Island, was doing cocaine and had cut her on the leg during their argument. Both Dina and Michael supposedly phoned the police while the limo was en route, and by the time it pulled into the family driveway, authorities were waiting to take statements. A Domestic Incident Report was filed, but by the next morning, the Lohan girls were seen hugging it out and acting cheerfully.

Earlier today, Lindsay told TMZ she just made up the cocaine thing because she was mad, and that’s “normal” for a mother and daughter having a little disagreement. Her father’s behavior, however, was apparently over the line. Now Linds is allegedly done with him because he “doesn’t know what it means” to be a dad.

I get being pissed at Michael. It’s positively obnoxious for a father to give or sell a recording of his daughter to the media, but I’m not sure it’s necessarily worse than what Dina may have done. Lindsay might be denying the coke claims in retrospect, but who knows what the hell really happened there. Regardless, even if that one isn’t true, the actress also accused her mother during the call of refusing to return 40 grand, scratching her leg and acting like the devil, all after clubbing til 4 AM on a weekday when she still has underage kids.

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