Miley Cyrus spent some time in the hospital earlier this week thanks to a severe allergic reaction to some medication. In response, she’s cancelled a few concerts and vowed to get back on her feet as soon as possible. If the latest whispers are to be believed, however, the singer may have played a bigger role in her sickness than she has let on. In fact, the hospitalization may be lingering fallout from her dog dying.

Cyrus has been very open about how much she’s been affected by Floyd’s death. She sang “Landslide” in his honor at a concert and recently gave away the animal she adopted after his passing because it was too soon. Clearly, she’s very broken up about the whole thing, but according to TMZ, she may not be handling it in the best way. Sources close to her allegedly told the outlet she’s been hitting the bottle really hard, experimenting with some drugs and partying until all hours of the night. When she has tried to sleep, she’s allegedly had a difficult time doing so, which is why she reportedly got on the very medication she had an allergic reaction to.

Losing a pet sucks. The death brings with it feelings of emptiness, loneliness and extreme sadness. After awhile, animals really do become part of the family, and it’s terrible to see them go. Just like with the deaths of human beings, however, there are right ways and wrong ways to handle that pain. Substance abuse definitely is not one of the right ways.

Regardless of whether these hard-partying rumors are true or not, Pop Blend’s sincerest well-wishes go out to Miley Cyrus during her time of need. She might be more known for her over-the-top headlines these days, but in moments like this, she’s more human than ever.

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