One of the big promotional things the judges on the hit NBC singing competition The Voice do, is tweet live during performances. Fans can follow the tweets on television, or even keep tabs on the computer, if they are keen to use Twitter. Country musician Blake Shelton can often be a little flirty when using the social networking site on the show, and as it turns out, it annoys the hell out of his wife.

Blake Shelton has been married to Miranda Lambert, who is also a country singer, for just over a year. The happy couple have spent a lot of time together in the months since their 2011 wedding, with Lambert appearing as a guest mentor on The Voice. The pair more recently even wrote a song together, which may be the cutest thing ever. However, Lambert says Shelton’s following of “hot girls” on Twitter is way less cute.
"If I'm going to check up on someone, it is definitely Blake. I like to see who he is following: they are all hot girls. I check his direct messages."

The star recently caught up with Us Weekly at the CMA Music awards to talk Twitter woes, as well as mention she really really likes to occasionally stop following her hubby on Twitter. With her husband’s vivacious personality, great drawl, and southern charm, Shelton gets a lot of attention on the social networking site and as Lambert has wryly noted, “Some days it is just too much.”

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