Modern Family Producers Reportedly Wanted To Ban Ariel Winter's Mom From The Set

Apparently Ariel Winter and her sister weren’t the only ones who didn’t appreciate their mother’s behavior. Rumor has it producers on the Modern Family set considered banning Chrystal Workman for being overbearing and unreasonable. She allegedly complained about her daughter’s salary, complained about the size of her daughter’s ears, complained about the clothing and monitored poor Ariel’s diet so obsessively that crew members had to give her additional food while her mother was distracted.

According to TMZ, Chrystal supposedly only approved of her daughter consuming raw vegetables and egg whites; so, several people on the set would bring her grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s unclear whether producers ever filed any paperwork or took any action to get Ariel’s mom kicked off the set, but considering she no longer has custody, that hardly seems to matter at the moment.

Over the past week, there have been numerous conflicting reports claiming Chrystal was either a firm, loving parent with her daughter’s best interests at heart or a cruel, crazy and selfish mother unfit to raise a child. These on set allegations would obviously fall into the latter camp, but until they’re proven in a court of law or admitted, they should be taken strictly as a rumor.

We’ll keep you updated as this mess gets sorted out.

Mack Rawden
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