The Kiss Cam tradition at pro sports events can always be a little dicey, whether they accidentally train it on a pair of people who aren't actually together, or a couple who was visibly squabbling just minutes earlier and can't stand the sight of each other. But you probably think you have a slam dunk when the couple in question is the President and First Lady… right?

Actually, when Barack and Michelle Obama attended a warm-up match for Team USA's men's basketball lineup, their first appearance on the Kiss Cam didn't go so well. The camera operators at Washington D.C.'s Verizon Center, according to USA Today, zoomed in on the Obamas late in the first half of the game, only to have the President respond by putting his arm around his wife and grinning--- no kiss. If you've ever been to a game with a Kiss Cam, you know that not obliging can lead in boos-- and the crowd at the Verizon Center responded in kind. Yeah, that's not going to work for a President seeking re-election.

So the camera operators gave the Obamas a second chance, and when the Kiss Cam returned to them in the second half, the President finally went for it. And they're probably the only Kiss Cam couple in history who got the crowd chanting "four more years" by smooching.

Oh, and in case you're curious-- Team U.S.A. won the game against Brazil, led by LeBron James's 30 points. Maybe the affection from the Obamas will bring some luck to James, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and company as they compete in the Olympic Games in London later this month.

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