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OWEN WILSON is still mortified when he has to film a nude scene, but has stopped trying to get in shape for his revealing roles.

The star appears naked in his latest movie YOU, ME AND DUPREE and admits he is still self-conscious baring all for the cameras. He explains, "It's hard to get totally comfortable with running out in front of a crew and neighbours that have come out on their streets to watch a Hollywood movie and here I come running out with pillows covering me. "On other movies they've kind of wanted me to get a trainer. "I remember on ANACONDA...maybe my preparation wasn't so thorough on that movie. "I ended up missing 40 out of 50 workouts with my trainer and when I got down to Brazil, the director kind of sees me without my shirt and he was like, 'You know, maybe your guy is one of these guys who swims with his shirt on.' "So you'll see me in Anaconda with my shirt on in the Amazon!"

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