Poor Financial Planning: Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Living With Mom

If ever evidence was needed to illustrate how poorly Lindsay Lohan spent her money over the years, the following story would seem to offer it. The starlet is living with her mother in her childhood bedroom in Long Island, and a lack of money is reportedly the impetus behind her location choice.

According to The New York Daily News, Lohan never bought a home and more often than not, she plowed through whatever cash she earned pretty quickly. Now she owes the federal government more than two hundred thousand dollars in unpaid taxes, and since she’s no longer an A-list star, her only real source of income is doing promotional work overseas. The lease on her eight thousand dollar a month rental in Beverly Hills, which she was having problems paying, is up, and with her bank accounts frozen, her mother became the best option.

That arrangement works out pretty well for mother Dina too, who Lindsay has reportedly given money to on several occasions in order to keep the mortgage paid and food in the refrigerator. Over the past few weeks, the women have reportedly spent their time watching television together and reconnecting, much in the same way as they did when LiLo lived in the same bedroom as a child.

Lohan is reportedly looking actively for a new rental she can move into, but as of yet, that move hasn’t happened. We’ll keep you updated. Until then, here’s to hoping this arrangement at least keeps Lindsay out of trouble.

Mack Rawden
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