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Prince is headed home. The Minneapolis-born crooner and musician will head back to his hometown to play a few shows, and unlike most tour date announcements, he’ll do so much sooner than fans may guess. Prince is playing six gigs in Minneapolis this week.

Billboard broke the news regarding the surprise concerts, noting that just this week the 54-year-old booked space at a venue in the Minnesota city to play six gigs over the course of this week. While the venue will not change, the types of shows will.

Prince has signed on to play six gigs at the Dakota Jazz Club, although if you were hoping to get your hands on a set of tickets, your luck has probably already run out. Tickets went on sale Tuesday and by the time of this writing on Wednesday, the tickets for the six gigs have already sold out. However, if you live in the Minneapolis area and are willing to scrounge around for tickets, you should know what you are getting into. Tonight, Prince will indulge in two soundcheck shows featuring DJ Rashida and improvisational music. On Thursday night, he’ll play two jam sessions and on Friday night the musician has two surprise shows planned. Clearly, the surprise shows are the most intriguing, but audiences will obviously have to attend to find out exactly what the surprise entails.

Finally, The Dakota Jazz is noting that audiences will not be allowed to bring phones or other recording devices inside for the “Three Nights With Prince” series, so don’t say I didn’t warn you if you find your recording device confiscated.

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