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Queen Elizabeth Told Prince William To Ignore Royal Guest List And Write His Own

Queen Elizabeth II might be eighty-six, but it turns out she’s still a good person to have in your corner during a fight. Following Prince William’s proposal to Kate Middleton, the young Royal was called into a meeting with some powerful people in the Palace. He was given a list of seven hundred and seventy-seven people who had to be on the guest list, none of whom he actually knew.

Distressed and trying to figure out how he and Kate could possibly invite their friends with that many people already on the list, Prince William phoned his grandmother to ask for advice. Calling the demanded number “ridiculous”, she told him to rip up the list, write down the people he wanted to be there and then hand the new version over to the powers that be who could then worry about fitting the rest.

The charming anecdote was given during an interview with Katie Couric to air as part of special Queen’s Jubilee programming. According to People, the exchange also touched on the future King’s nervousness when he was told two billion people would watch his wedding ceremony and his hope to carve out a public path as brilliantly as Queen Elizabeth II.

If you’d like to hear the story again or learn a few interesting facts about the woman who has held the British Crown for sixty years, you can check out Couric’s special which will air on ABC on May 29.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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