After screwing up in a very public fashion, a lot of celebrities will claim they’re ready to pay the penalty for their mistake, but when it comes down to actually dealing with the court system, they’ll talk out of the other side of their mouth and plead not guilty. Let the record show Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth are actually ready to take ownership for their awful driving under the influence-related decision. Toth went in front of a judge this morning and entered a plea of no contest after working out an arrangement with prosecutors. Moving forward, he’ll serve forty hours of community service, go through an alcohol class and be on probation for twelve months.

According to TMZ, an attorney for Witherspoon was also on hand to enter a plea for her client. Like her husband, the actress went the no contest route, though since she wasn’t drunk driving, her punishment was far less severe. She was ordered to pay a $213 fine and will be able to move forward with her life without this hanging over her head, at least as far as the court system goes.

The truth is no one knows how long it’ll take the public to get over Witherspoon’s behavior. Throughout her career, she’s always been thought of as a pretty thoughtful, kind-hearted woman. Many fans definitely felt betrayed by her trying to use her fame, but now that both she and her husband have made it clear how sorry they are; so, hopefully, the general public will allow them to move forward without a continued backlash.

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