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Less than three months after losing her grandmother to cancer, Rihanna has honored her memory via symbolic ink. The pop star hit up a London tattoo parlor on Saturday and emerged hours later bandaged up. Yesterday, she performed alongside Coldplay and Jay-Z at the Closing Ceremonies of the London Paralympics, and one of her sheer costumes gave fans a hazy view of her twentieth piece of body art. Of course, the peekaboo ushered in wild speculation among fans as to what she may have gotten.

Luckily, Rihanna decided to offer up a complete, unencumbered picture via Instagram last night rather than let the rumors continue. The artwork is a picture of the Egyptian goddess Isis, a symbol of femininity and empowerment that still resonates with many today. It’s located underneath and between her boobs. You can take a look at the shot below, courtesy of MTV

Covering up nipples in order to tweet a mostly topless picture to honor grandma is a bit of a strange way to spend a Sunday, but the gesture is clearly well-intentioned and honest. Rihanna has long talked about the special relationship she shared with the deceased. Hopefully, this new artwork will allow her to feel the woman’s guiding hands on her throughout the rest of her life.

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