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Robin Williams Hung Himself, Tried Another Suicide Method First

The full story of what happened during Robin Williams’ final hours won’t officially be released by the Marin County Sheriff’s Office until more interviews are conducted and the toxicology test comes back, but earlier today, a spokesman offered enough specifics to outline the general picture. As expected, they’re pretty haunting and paint the picture of a desperate man who needed a way out.

According to the local Coroner, Robin Williams was last seen by his wife at around 10:30 PM. At some point before he was discovered a little before noon the next morning by a personal assistant, he attempted to slit his wrist with a pocket knife. He was only able to make a superficial cut; so, he later took off his belt, tied it to the top of the door and hung himself.

Right now, the Sheriff’s Department is refusing to reveal whether or not there was a note or what Robin Williams and his wife may have talked about prior to her retiring to bed. They’ll apparently get more specific during the final press conference after the toxicology reports, but they don’t want to encourage any speculation or taint any of the further interviews they’re planning to conduct.

To watch the entire press conference, which was more candid and informative than usual, you can head over to TMZ. If not, you can spend the next few seconds thinking a happy thought about Robin Williams. His family has been very open about encouraging people to remember the good moments, rather than how it ended. And my God did he have a lot of good moments.

Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to the entire Williams family during this time of need.

Mack Rawden

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