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The Rolling Stones are having problems selling tickets. More specifically, the beloved band is having problems moving seats for their newest tour after prices inflated to $600 a pop, and with less than a day to go before the 50 And Counting tour officially kicks off, it’s entirely possible the guys will take the stage tonight to less faces than they’d hoped staring back at them.

According to Entertainmentwise, some brokers have as many as 500 tickets available for tonight’s show in Los Angeles. In an effort to sharply reduce inventory and not be stuck with huge losses, many of those brokers have reportedly started reducing their prices to try and get the general public to bite.

If nothing else, this fiasco is a great reminder that every single gig that has ever been played has a certain price point, whether it’s the Led Zeppelin reunion gig or Neutral Milk Hotel’s reunion tour. Consequently, bands need to measure their own popularity with the market conditions and the number of gigs they’re playing to figure out what price they can offer tickets and still generate enough demand to sell out, at least if money is their primary motivator. For some, it’s not.

The Rolling Stones are too popular to be playing to partially-full arenas, and they’re too rich to be trying to stupidly suck every last cent out of a tour that should comfortably generate all of them millions. Here’s to hoping the guys and the ticket brokers figure out a way to fill up all the seats.