Katy Perry’s appeal might not typically extend into the law-breaking, reckless hooligan demographic, but apparently, her cheery songs have started to win over at least a portion of that untapped fanbase. Her soon-to-be ex-husband has a new talk show scheduled to debut next week on FX. To promote it, the network put up a billboard on Sunset Boulevard, but sadly and perhaps humorously, it was defaced by one of his estrange wife’s fans who wanted to make it clear where his or her, okay probably his, support lies.

According to TMZ, the unknown assailant spray painted “I Would Rather Watch The Katy Perry Movie” across the promotional sign, cracking up drivers and more than likely, irritating network executives, at least if they weren’t behind this. More than likely, a daring fan conceived the mayhem, but given Brand’s odd sense of humor, I wouldn’t be floored if he secretly had a hand in this to drum up a bit of publicity. We’ll probably never know.

As of press time, the white graffiti still remains. If it’s gone within a few hours, that would lend support to the idea that this really was a random law-breaker. If it remains for days or even weeks, someone should start asking questions to get to the bottom of what happened. Thus far, the police haven’t commented on the incident, and given what a low priority this story is, I don’t imagine they’ll charge many officers with trying to solve the mystery.

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