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Years of doing radio, working red carpets and hosting American Idol’s live shows have taught Ryan Seacrest how to think on his feet. In fact, a case could be made that he’s the most professional of all the television presenters out there, but even with all that experience, he was still left silent and shocked by the antics of Sacha Baron Cohen.

Appearing in costume as he promised, the comedian’s General Aladeen brought along an urn emblazoned with a picture of Kim Jong Il. Speaking to Seacrest about the late dictator’s dream to have his ashes sprinkled on the red carpet, he gesticulated and overturned the container atop his interviewer. A clearly perturbed Seacrest simply dusted off his suit and said, “Have fun this evening” before security grabbed Baron Cohen and escorted him off camera.

You can take a look at a video of what happened below…

I fully expected Sacha Baron Cohen to do something outrageous, but that blew away my expectations. I’m not even sure whether I approve of it or not. Clearly, the whole thing was a dick move to Seacrest and a slap in the face to the prestige of the Academy Awards, but it was also most fascinating moment of television we’ll witness all night.


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