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When Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr welcomed a daughter into their lives almost three years ago, the celebrity couple decided they’d take turns going to work in order to make sure at least one would be consistently home. For the first two years, Gellar was the one who held down the domestic duties. Last year, when Prinze tagged in, he was supposed to take his own two year shift with Charlotte, but now that schedule has been interrupted by welcome news.

According to US Weekly, Gellar is pregnant with she and Prinze’s second child. None of the specifics have been publicly confirmed, but by all accounts, the two are pleased as punch about the impending addition to their family.

Because the due date isn’t common knowledge, it’s hard to discern how this might affect production on Gellar’s CW show Ringer, but given her status, it’s likely the network would work around her schedule, whether she chooses to wear baggy sweatshirts or take a hiatus.

Approaching their ten year anniversary, Gellar and Prinze have remained remarkably stable over the past decade as so many of their fellow celebrities have found themselves in divorce court. By all accounts, they seem to get along great, and their second child will hopefully do nothing but strengthen that bond. Pop Blend wishes the happy couple nothing but the best as they pick up a second joyful challenge.

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