Should Lindsay Lohan Go Home With Her Mom To Long Island After Rehab?

Lindsay Lohan wants to stay clean when she gets out of rehab, and to maximize her chances, she’s ready to turn back the clock. The actress has reportedly decided to move in with her mother to escape the Hollywood lifestyle and will head to Long Island once she’s released in a few weeks.

Rumors about Lohan’s commitment to sobriety have leaked out over the past few weeks, but until today, no one had any idea exactly what she would do to accomplish that goal. Luckily, Dina Lohan is always good for an extended comment on her daughter’s well-being. Here’s what she told The New York Daily News

“She’s not going to live in Los Angeles. She will definitely start back home with all of us. … It’s been a long road, and she’s going to be fine”

Lindsay and Dina have had more than their share of problems in the past. In fact, the two have been at each other’s throats on numerous occasions, but right now, they really seem to be getting along. Since Lindsay has tried and repeatedly failed to stay sober around her friends and Hollywood types, there doesn’t seem to be any harm in her trying to go a different route courtesy of her mother. Besides, it’s particularly important she succeeds this time.

Hollywood is all about giving people second chances. If studio executives think they can possibly make money off of someone, now or down the road, they will invest the needed time and resources. Unfortunately for Lindsay, however, in addition to all of her personal problems, it’s been years and years since she’s had a hit movie, and personal problems plus enough bombs in a row is a recipe for never working again in Hollywood. So, she really really does need to get clean this time around.

I want to think Lindsay will actually get clean with her mother’s help this time. I want to think she’ll head to Long Island and stay away from any of the adult iced teas she might find there, but it’s really hard to aggressively bet on someone who has continually run into problems. Since her family isn’t exactly the picture of stability, that makes the situation even more precarious too. Consequently, I’m sure the majority of observers assume this living situation will be a disaster.

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