Was Dina Lohan On Coke During Her Fight With Lindsay?

Over the past few years, both Lindsay and Dina Lohan have been accused of doing many illegal and inappropriate things. Ordinarily, these accusations come from members of the media, enemies and supposed witnesses, but yesterday, they came from each other. During a chaotic limo ride that involved at least one phone call to the police, the mother/ daughter combination went at it over personality problems, bad loans and drug use.

At one point, the back-and-forth got so bad Linday decided to call her father, and somehow, TMZ was able to get a hold of the audio. In it, Lohan accuses her mother of refusing to pay back forty thousand dollars and doing drugs during their night out. Here’s a portion of the actual quote…

“She's on cocaine. She's like touching her neck, and shit"

Dina is yet to speak publically about what happened. Police officers who met the limousine took statements from both parties and filed a Domestic Violence Incident, but no one was charged with any kind of crime. It’s unlikely anything will come of the matter in the future, especially since mother and daughter reportedly hugged it out before Lindsay left this morning. For most families, a cocaine accusation would have serious repercussions, but with these two, it’s just another strange wrinkle to their relationship.

Still, it poses an interesting question. Was Dina actually doing coke last night, or was this just a wild allegation? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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