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Sorry Lady Gaga: Justin Bieber Is Now Twitter's Most Popular Person

Justin Bieber has been the most popular man on Twitter for awhile now, but as of this week, he’s officially the most popular person too. The world famous pop star just passed Lady Gaga for the highest number of followers on the popular social media website, and if the current pace continues, he should have quite a bit of breathing room pretty soon too.

As of press time, the Biebs has 33,347,475 followers, which is roughly eight thousand ahead of where Lady Gaga currently stands. That might not sound like a big deal, but it does represent a recent alteration to the trend. Gaga was the first to amass ten million, twenty million and thirty million followers, but recently, the Biebs has experienced a surge in popularity that’s led to the quick growth in his number of followers.

If Lady Gaga was insecure with her popularity, this changing of the guard might have bothered her, but by all indications, she’s actually happy for Justin. Here’s what she tweeted at him…

”So proud of @justinbieber and all the Beliebers! I'm only happy to see your fans growing in size, you all deserve it! Monsters support you!”

Good for Gaga and Bieber. This only makes both of them look good, and really, how much people are willing to pay to attend a concert is the far more important measuring stick. Luckily, both of them are pretty solid in that department too.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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