Lindsay Lohan is one step closer to being on good terms with the IRS. Earlier this week, the Internal Revenue Service released an update on the troubled actress’ case, and it seems she cleared up the entire outstanding balance for her 2009 taxes, plus put a little something toward another debt.

According to E! Online, $93,701.57 went to balance the 2009 ledger and the leftover $6,000 went to 2010. Lohan hasn’t released a statement saying exactly where the money came from, but naturally, most observers are of the opinion that it’s the one hundred thousand dollars Charlie Sheen gave her while they filmed Scary Movie 5 together.

After this balloon payment, Lohan is still in the hole for roughly $133,000. So, in essence, she needs one more big acting role or modeling job to free herself from Uncle Sam’s obsessive grip. Unfortunately, given how poorly Liz & Dick fared and her recent run-ins with the law, it’s not as if people are lining up around the block to give her money. Plus, there’s a distinct possibility she could be in jail for violating her parole within the next few months.

Here’s to hoping Lohan is able to pay off the rest of what she owes in another lump sum. It would be a real shame to see her wind up in federal prison over something like money.

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