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Actor Jared Leto’s infamous band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, is trying something a little unusual for the band’s newest single. Called “Up in the Air,” the single will, somewhat fittingly, be shot up into space. You read that correctly. On March 1, the band has somehow worked out a deal with SpaceX to send a Dragon Cargo capsule containing the single to the International Space Station.

The Dragon capsule won’t simply be carrying the music. It will also carry plenty of much-needed scientific equipment to the space center. According to MTV News, the rocket will be launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida on Friday at 10:10 a.m. Additionally, if you are a fan of the band or rocket launches, you’ll be able to catch a video of the launch via NASA’s official site.

The “Up in the Air” space trip is a pretty grand publicity stunt and I have to wonder who came up with the idea and who officially greenlighted it. NASA does try pretty hard to come off as “cool” and Thirty Seconds to Mars does try hard to be different, so maybe the partnership is not as strange as it seems. To create even more ties between NASA and Thirty Seconds to Mars, the band will interview astronaut Tom Marshburn on March 18. Fans will be able to catch the interview, as well as the “Up in the Air” single via the band’s website on that date. Maybe the band failed to sign on for Virgin’s lucrative space program and this was the best back-up? Either way, it's a pretty sweet idea.

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