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Trent Reznor Solidifies New NIne Inch Nails Lineup, Will Tour

Nine Inch Nails will make its triumphant return, soon, but the lineup is going to look a whole lot different. In its brand new form, Nine Inch Nails will be comprised of Trent Reznor and former NIN collaborators Alessandro Cortini and Ilan Rubin, as well as Jane’s Addictions Eric Avery, King Crimson’s Adrian Belew, and Puscifer’s Josh Eustis. Now the lineup thing is all settled, the group has started talking tour dates.

In a statement to Pitchfork, Reznor announced the new lineup on Monday, also noting that 2013 should be a big year for the project. Currently, NIN hasn’t fully comprised a list of tour dates and locations, but Reznor did confirm the live show will look a whole lot different than it used to and that the band will start touring this summer and will continue to tour through 2014.

“I was working with Adrian Belew on some musical ideas, which led to some discussion on performing, which led to some beard-scratching, which (many steps later) led to the decision to re-think the idea of what Nine Inch Nails could be, and the idea of playing a show. Calls were made to some friends, lots of new ideas were discussed, and a show was booked - which led to another, which somehow led to a lot of shows.”

If you’ve been keeping track of NIN at all, you’ll know it’s been four years since Reznor and co. last went on tour. At the time, it seemed like it might be the end of an era; however, late last year Reznor confirmed to Rolling Stone that NIN had some new music in the works. Fans always knew that if NIN returned, it would look a little different, and now at least we have some hint about what is in store.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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