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Two men from New Mexico are in custody today after their alleged plan to murder Justin Bieber and three other people was foiled by the prison inmate who initially ordered the hit. Details are still a little fuzzy at this hour, but apparently, convicted murderer and Bieber fanatic Dana Martin told police he convinced a recently released inmate named Mark Staake and his nephew Tanner Ruane to drive across the country and strangle and castrate a handful of people. When police tracked the men down, they reportedly recovered a bag of murder tools including pruning shears.

According to KRQE, Martin supposedly instructed the men to commit the murders in a very specific way. Staake was to strangle the victims using paisley ties, Martin’s preferred method of killing people, and Ruane was to castrate them using any method he desired. At some point, however, Martin had second thoughts about the plan and instructed the police to stop his accomplices. They were planning to take out the Biebs and one of his bodyguards following a show at Madison Square Garden a few weeks back, but luckily, they never got the chance.

It’s unclear why Martin, who reportedly has a Bieber tattoo on his leg, decided killing and castrating the pop star was a good idea, but thankfully, he came to his senses before it was too late. In all likelihood, the Biebs’ personal security team could have foiled any murder and castration attempt, but still, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to lives and/ or penises.