Universal Orlando's Captain America Arrested For Sending Penis Pictures To Underage Girl

In theory, theme parks are supposed to be safe places where entire families can spend a day cutting lose and having fun. No doubt Universal Studios Orlando prides itself on offering good wholesome fun, but unfortunately, at least one employee seems to have failed in that mission. 29-year-old James Weldon Alton, better known as the park’s Captain America, was arrested earlier this month for allegedly taking pictures of his junk and texting them to an underage girl he met at the park.

According to The Orlando Sentinel. the initial meeting began when the girl approached Alton, while in his Captain America costume, and asked for a picture. He, of course, obliged and then creepily went the extra mile by later hunting the photo down on social media, liking it and even commenting on it. Not long after, the girl gave Cap her number, and they started exchanging text messages.

At some point during the conversations that followed, she allegedly told him she was only sixteen, but he kept plowing forward with the texts. Later, the conversations started getting more flirty and sexual, culminating in a slew of inappropriate pictures of his genitals. There was reportedly a tentative plan for the two to meet up again in person, but her father discovered the pictures and not surprisingly, was irate. He contacted the local police department, and after an investigation, they arrested Alton and charged him with transmitting harmful material to a minor. They also took his phone for evidentiary purposes.

Following his arrest, Alton reportedly told police he thought the girl was only joking when she said she was 16. Whether that’s true or not, if any girl you only vaguely know claims she’s 16, whether you think it’s a joke or not, that is the time to bail out of the flirty conversation/ texting relationship as quickly as possible. At least that’s what the real Captain America would do, and as we all know, his decision-making is top notch. Besides, plenty of other stars in the past have proven sticking around in a situation like that never ends well.

Mack Rawden
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