Rihanna has always been a woman willing to take chances. From her song choices to her clothing, she tends to prefer daring to normal. Thus, she’s rocked a lot of strange hairstyle choices over the years. From blonde and swooped over to red with bangs, she’s rolled with both long and short, but even so, the haircut she debuted at the Video Music Awards left many fans a bit surprised.

You can take a look at Rihanna’s new do, courtesy of MTV…

That might not be GI Jane short or Britney Spears short, but it is way closer to the head than we’ve ever seen the pop star take it. Given her pretty face and delicate facial structure, she pulls the pixie cut off quite well. Unfortunately, having hair that short also greatly limits a woman’s options of what she can do with it. For many ladies, this might not be a problem, but Rihanna has long prided herself on changing things up regularly. She can add extensions and get creative with a blow dryer in the future, but it’ll be a year or more before she has long hair again of her own. Still, maybe that's a choice worth making in pursuit of unconventional hotness.

What do you think? Are you feeling Rihanna’s new haircut, or do you think it’s too short? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

What Do You Think Of Her Haircut?

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