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Experienced diver Rick Coleman is used to seeing all kinds of crazy things beneath the surface of the water, but he recently got quite a shock when he returned from an excursion and found a baby sea lion hanging out in his kayak. At first, Coleman tried to get the pup to head back in the water by pushing him over the side, but when he immediately jumped back on board, he realized something might be wrong.

So, Coleman and his stowaway headed for the shore, and the diver called Marine Animal Rescue. Much to his delight, he was told baby sea lions often get cold because of their lack of body fat, and this one was likely just warming himself up. After about forty-five minutes, the little guy dove back into the water, and Coleman put the adorable footage from his dive cam up on YouTube. You can check it out below…

Sea lions are adorable. To me, they’re the single best thing about going to the zoo. They’re so playful but not in a coordinated way like dolphins. They’re just genuinely full of energy and wonder about their surroundings.

Luckily for this little guy in the video, he should start getting fatter really soon, and in not too long, he’ll have more than enough size to make swimming through cold water feel easy.

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