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Beyonce often favors performances of catchy pop songs over impactful ballads, but for this year’s World Humanitarian Day, she decided a more resounding song would be the better tribute than hopping around in a black leotard talking about rings. We’ve been waiting several days for video footage of her “I Was Here” performance in front of a live audience at the UN General Assembly, but that video is finally here.

On August 10, the 30-year-old singer headed to The United Nations to tape a special rendition of her popular 2011 song. At the time, reports indicated the performance was thrilling, but obviously, most of us had no way to verify that.

Luckily, Beyonce’s “I Was Here” World Humanitarian Day performance was videotaped. It took directors Kenzo Digital and Sophie Muller along with their production partners a few days to make the video cohesive, but it was finally released today via the singer’s personal site. Fans can catch Beyonce’s stunning white dress onstage, or focus on the shots of the globe and worldwide humanitarian efforts present in the background. It’s an interesting performance, and the star’s page even gives you the option of bookmarking, should you decide to catch the video again and again.

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