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This video offers three excellent lessons. First, a dude laughing without smiling is among the more off-putting, unnerving and awesome things in the world. Second, videos posted to YouTube more than five years ago can suddenly go viral, and third, the incredible traffic-generating power of Reddit is an impressive phenomenon to watch. This footage was posted on the website just three days ago, and already, the clip has plowed past one million views. Within the next week, that figure will likely increase exponentially too.

There are some weird skills that are so bizarre, fun or valuable they can be turned into lucrative careers. Then, there are other skills like this that are basically glorified party tricks. This laughing without his mouth open gag definitely falls into the latter category. If this guy does it right, it should be a great way to attract some laughs and make some girls smile, but as I see it, there’s not really a way to turn it into a job.

I have no idea how many hours this guy practiced this as a kid by himself, but he’s truly incredible at it. Here’s to hoping it brings him plenty of fun for years to come.

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