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Most pranks that involve homeless people are cruel and mean-spirited, but there’s at least one that’s the exact opposite. YouTube all-star Roman Atwood and two of his buddies decided to combine comedy and good will earlier this month by paying for a pizza to be delivered to a local homeless couple.

The pair were sitting outside of a mission in the cold when Tom Mabe called up a local pizza chain pretending to be a police sergeant. He told the manager two of his officers were on a stakeout dressed up as homeless people, and he wanted to know if he could pay for a pizza to be covertly delivered to them. Everyone involved quickly agreed, and a camera was set up to catch the joyful reaction of the pair after receiving their free pizza.

Take a look at the touching moment below…

I get excited every time I show up anywhere that has free pizza. Thus, I can’t imagine how much happier these two must have felt when they received their surprise. Luckily, we can get a pretty indication by the look of sheer happiness on their faces.

Here’s to hoping that pizza was warm and delicious.

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