If you see a bunch of people lined up outside a store on Black Friday, you'd probably assume they're waiting for some amazing deal. You might even ask yourself, "Should I be on that line? Am I missing out on something?" That may have crossed the minds of the people who witnessed Improv Everywhere's latest prank.

The comedic performance art group Improv Everywhere's specialty is organizing mild pranks, flash mobs and other group-oriented performances. The group's most recent act of humor had them acknowledging the burst of post-Thanksgiving consumerism known as Black Friday. While other people were likely camped out outside stores like Target and Best Buy, waiting anxiously to get in and take advantage of those amazing deals, Improv Everywhere chose another store…

In addition to enough consumers to form a line around the block, the group showed up with their own faux news team to make it look like the spectacle was being documented by NBC news, and there was someone to organize the line so the store wasn't swamped with people. It's little details like that which give Improv Everywhere's stunts that extra touch. The owner seemed pleased as punch, and why wouldn't he be? They were actually buying things! The reactions of the people walking by or those who lived in the area was pretty funny, though it would've been great if we saw some people getting in line. It's only natural to wonder if there's something good going on when you see a giant line formed somewhere, right?

Check out Improv Everywhere's other videos here.

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