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Watch Jimmy Fallon And Brad Pitt Yodel To Celebrate World War Z

Jimmy Fallon’s often one of the goofier late night hosts (the only one who beats him in terms of goofiness is probably Craig Ferguson). Rarely does an entire episode of Late NIght with Jimmy Fallon go by without the host swimming toward the deep end, but a video segment that aired earlier this week may have actually been the former SNL cast member's goofiest endeavor yet. Perhaps even more surprisingly, Fallon coaxed one of the world’s suavest actors into doing the skit with him too. If you haven’t caught the sketch, which follows Fallon and Brad Pitt as they go on a yodeling adventure, you can do so by watching above video.

In the video, Fallon opts to take a break from his busy work schedule to head to the rooftop of a tall building in New York City. There, viewers learn that Fallon is actually a better-than-passable yodeler as he belts out a tune that is not too shabby on the ears. However, Fallon’s not the only male on a rooftop working on his yodeling skill set. Apparently, Pitt also happened to be practicing and the two engage in an amusing yodeling conversation with subtitles underneath.

The way things look, Pitt couldn’t make it to the set for an onscreen interview, and the clip was a good way to amuse viewers as well as promote Pitt’s newest movie endeavor, World War Z, which hits theaters on Friday. In fact, during the clip, Fallon makes sure to say, “By the way, congrats on World War Z,” which seems a little pre-emptive, but whatever. The clip aired early during the episode on Tuesday night to make room for actual interviews with Jerry Seinfeld and Ice Cube.

Fallon has been known for viral videos in the past, including the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’s hilarious and continual spoof on Downton Abbey called “Downton Sixbey.” The late night comedian also has some pretty good comedic videos that he has filmed with First Lady Michelle Obama in the past, as well.

While Pitt is less known for putting together viral videos than Fallon, he did amusingly make a name for himself this fall when he put together a super serious video for Chanel N°5 that has accrued over 8 million YouTube hits at this point. Lest you forget that beauty, you can check it out in all its yodel-less awkwardness, below.

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