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Lack of 80s awareness is apparently a growing epidemic among young people. But rest assured, Ren McCormack himself -- the great Kevin Bacon -- has taken it upon himself to educate kids on what it was like back then, what with the Cold War and the lack of online social networking.

Courtesy of Mashable, Kevin Bacon sought out people born after 1985 to make them aware of the hardships pre-Millennial endured, like making awkward smalltalk with a friends mother on the phone. Yes, kids! Sometimes when you called a person, you had to talk to other people in their family while your friend or potential Sbarros-date was coming to the phone. You never knew who was going to pick up when you dialed, and on the other end of that call, you didn't know who was calling when you picked up. The pre-Caller ID era was full of surprises. Also nukes, according to Kevin Bacon.

Rubik's Cube was a pretty sweet "app." But it should also be pointed out that the late 80s did give us Game Boy. Dr. Mario anyone?

You know, it's really decent of Kevin Bacon to take time off from trying to track down Joe Carroll on The Following to educate young people on the 80s. But it occurred to us that some of you may be more familiar with the Ryan Hardy version of Kevin Bacon than you are with the actor's earlier work, so for those who haven't had the pleasure of experiencing the (original) Footloose...

Bacon could dance. But he could also get serious, like in She's Having a Baby...

And then, of course, there's "All is well"....

Ok, Animal House is the 70s but young people should still know it!

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