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Sunday nights are a busy night for television, so some of you might not have been able to tune into ABC for The American Music Awards. If that's the case, then you missed Psy taking the stage to perform his hit song "Gangnam Style," which included a special appearance by MC Hammer, a man who really is too legit to quit.

The performance, which begins with Psy and later includes an energetic performance by 90s rapper MC Hammer, closed out the AMA's on Sunday night. Check it out below.

Nothing like merging "Gangnam Style" with Hammer's "2 Legit 2 Quit"! It's nostalgic and obnoxiously catchy all at once. And it sounds like this may not be the last time these two make beautiful music together. According to what Hammer told Billboard (via THR), he and Psy are working together on something.
"Well, we absolutely love working together. He's a very humble man and a hard worker and I love working with him. We are cooking in the kitchen right now."

Hammer and Psy are both featured in the interview video below, courtesy of Billboard.

So, no major details about what they might have in the works, but it looks like we may see some more collaborations between the duo in the future. Perhaps that'll come right around the time we all finally manage to get "Gangnam Style" out of our heads.

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