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The goal of any manual labor job is to finish as quickly as possible without making any mistakes. If there’s no alteration in quality whatsoever, sooner is always a better ending date than later, and apparently, no one understands that universal truth better than these factory workers in Romania.

With a strange combination of straight-ahead intensity and a sense of humor about their job, these skilled men sort beer bottles with a proficiency I have never seen before. They chuck cases around like they’re trying to ransack the place; yet, they do so with just enough touch that nothing ever breaks.

Take a look at these dudes own their profession below…

There is no job that isn’t worth doing correctly or taking pride in doing right. God only knows how many extra bottles these men are able to sort each day because of this system they’ve figured out, but I’m sure their bosses have taken notice. More importantly, they’ve each taken notice and no doubt get some satisfaction out of it.

Here’s to hoping the next video that pops up showing brutish, awesome efficiency inside a factory features some American workers.

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