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Sometimes ads go out of the way to be funny or classic or arty. Other times companies are just trying to come up with a concept that gets people talking. This seems to be the philosophy of the new Hot Pockets ad, which doubles as a four-minute music video and features Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg, who is billed that way by the microwaveable edible brand, so I’m assuming Snoop Lion is a thing of the past.

In the advertisement, we spend some time with Upton, who is sitting on the bed and enjoying a hot pocket in its entirety. We get to watch as she actually eats the whole thing, rather than faking it like most people do during commercials or on television. She seems to be enjoying the heck out of that Hot Pocket, but that’s probably how I’d feel, too, if I were consuming over half of my daily allotted quality of sodium in one sitting.

Then, things get a little weird. Someone, somewhere rewrote the lyrics to “You Got What I Need,” changing them to the cringeworthy, “You Got What I Eat.” Then Upton and Snoop Dogg travel into a dreamscape, where flying sheep sing backup vocals and oregano and other spices pop out of the ground to make the best Hot Pockets on the market. Snoop’s got a whole rap to explain the warm, gooey goodness of Hot Pockets, and at one point, Upton throws on a sort of Moulin Rouge costume and lip syncs the lyrics to the chorus on the piano. Don’t worry, though, the actual vocals during this part come from Biz Markie, who actually wrote the original, less sucky version of the song. Then, just to make things even weirder, the brand opts to cut to some weird actors in costumes who do their own raps as the Hot Pocket bakers.

You would think viewers would get some time to breath at this point, but this commercial/video keeps going. There’s an animated segment and another chorus with Biz Markie hollering about how he “love(s) that buttery crust.” To round things out, Larry King even pops up wearing some bling. It’s pretty strange, but also strangely catchy. That’s probably exactly what Hot Pockets was hoping for. Since the video dropped on October 7, it’s already gotten over half a million YouTube hits. It has also capably gotten me thinking about Hot Pockets for the first time since I lived in a college dorm.

This isn’t the first time Hot Pockets has attempted this sort of advertising, and it’s not the first time Snoop Dogg was involved. Back in 2012, the brand put together “Pocket like its Hot,” based on the popular Snoop song. At least Upton seems to be enjoying herself.


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