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Sloths are among the ugliest, most bizarre creatures in the known world. They move at hilariously slow rates, spend days on end up trees and have terrifying claws. Consequently, they’re perfect subject matter for ZeFrank’s hilarious new web series that offers true facts about various animals.

Last week, the smooth-voiced comedian offered his take on the anglerfish, but this installment might actually be better. As always, it’s a wonderful mix of faux professionalism and goofy musings. Go ahead and watch the greatness below…

If there was ever a question as to how popular this True Facts series has become, look no further than this video’s more than one hundred thousand views in the forty-eight hours since its publication. With more than one hundred and twenty thousand subscribers to the feed, that figure should only go up in the next few days too.

The great thing about the True Facts series is how well ZeFrank balances learning and comedy. You can watch one of these clips and be both genuinely fascinated and deeply bemused. That’s good writing, good planning and ultimately, a damn good series.

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