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There are two types of artists and bands that make a fortune in the music industry. The first are those that are incredibly popular. Not like have a few songs on the radio popular but have so many hits and videos that both old and young people know who they are popular. Think Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber. The second are older bands who made a lot of good records and then watched their fans grow up, get good jobs and earn disposable income. Think Bon Jovi or Aerosmith.

Earlier today, Billboard’s list of the top earners in music came out, and not surprisingly, the top two spots are occupied by a pop star and a band that fall into the respective categories. In second place, is U2 which added more than thirty-two million dollars to its money pile despite pacing behind the other leaders in actual record sales. A tour and heavy merchandising filled in the gaps to the point where they bested everyone save Taylor Swift. The songstress banked almost thirty-six million last year thanks to record sales, a successful tour and songwriting royalties.

Taylor Swift’s popularity has been steadily growing for the past few years. Her personal life is now a constant source of tabloid fodder, and many of her fans are every bit as devoted as Bieber’s. Taking into account all that, I’m not surprised she made a fortune, but I am a bit amazed she outgrossed every other recording artist. I would have expected Lady Gaga and a few others to be more successful.

What do you think? Are you surprised Taylor Swift took in more than anyone else? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Are You Surprised She Made The Most Money?

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