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Pop star Justin Bieber was forced to take a timeout from his concert in London yesterday after he started having breathing problems on stage. He received some medical attention backstage and returned to the delight of his fans, but following the gig, he headed to the hospital as a precaution. He was finally released this morning, but unfortunately for him, it turned out to be just in time to get into a confrontation with a photographer.

According to TMZ, the Biebs was leaving his hotel in London when he accidentally bumped into a photographer. After the contact, the member of the press started screaming about how he’d just been assaulted and told Justin to “fuck off back to America”. Disappointingly but perhaps not surprisingly given he spent the night in the hospital, he did not take the comment well and charged out of his van and screamed a few threats while his bodyguards held him back.

It’s been a stream of bad press for Bieber lately. Earlier this week, he enraged fans by going on late during his concert. Not long before that, his friends were pulled over numerous times driving his car and not long before that, his longtime relationship with Selena Gomez came to a sad end. At his core, I think he’s still the goofy, loveable kid we’ve all watched for years, but for the sake of his own wallet, he should work on staying out of the papers.

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